I Like to Watch

26th November 2020 – 25th January 2020

Youssef Youssef, PINK PINK (still), 2018, video, 6 minuntes

I Like to Watch is an online exhibition of short film and moving image works by artists, filmmakers and independent porn-makers using the camera to explore desire, voyeurism, and intimacy in the digital age.

Screenings by:
Lina Bembe
Peter Berlin

Adham Faramawy
Umi Ishihara
Massimo Alì Mohammad
Annika Weertz
Youssef Youssef

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Intimacy of Death, Pt 2: Department of Ultimology

7th November 2020

Department of Ultimology: Fiona Hallinan and Kate Strain. Photograph by Paula Alvarez.

What is dead or dying? This simple but complex question is a driving line of enquiry for the Department of Ultimology. A university department invented by artist Fiona Hallinan and curator Kate Strain, the Department of Ultimology is part research project, part artistic collaboration. By looking at what is dead or dying in different fields – or perhaps more pertinently at times, what should die – the project gets to the heart of many academic discliplines and reveals the ways in which knowledge-production is changing in the face of globalisation and dematerialisation. For the second installment of our two-parter on death and intimacy, I (Rosa) spoke to Fiona and Kate about their project, its approach and methodologies, and how their research has shifted their perspectives on death, intimacy, darkness, decolonisation, and our ongoing doom era.

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Intimacy of Death, Pt 1: Juliet Jacques, You Will Be Free

30th October 2020

This week we’re bringing you the first of a two-parter on death and dying. I’m very excited to present You Will Be Free, a 2017 short film by author, artist and activist Juliet Jacques. Jacques made this piece in response to works by Cookie Mueller and Vittorio Scarpati (it was first exhibited alongside their joint exhibition Putti's Pudding at Studio Voltaire). Mueller and Scarpati, who were husband and wife, both died of AIDs-related causes in 1989 ...

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Lou Lou Sainsbury, ‘The Holes in My Bedroom in Space’

15th September 2020

Lou Lou Sainsbury guides us through bodily and cosmic orifices in her poem ‘The Holes in My Bedroom in Space’, a reflection on Sun Ra’s ‘earth is a hole in space’.

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