Maïa Nunes
Pádraig Spillane

︎ Jupiter Woods, 61 Rollins Street, London, SE15 1EP
︎16th – 31st October 2021

Opening reception: 16th October, 6-9pm
Join us for a gathering of friends and colleagues after the show at Avalon Cafe

Open Fri–Sun, 12–6pm

Liquid is delighted to announce ‘Silver-Tongued Seas’, an exhibition by Maïa Nunes and Pádraig Spillane at Jupiter Woods running from 16th – 31st October 2021.

Using the metaphor of bodies of water as a starting point, the exhibition explores bodily transformation, migration, global trade, borders and desire, creating a dialogue between the works of two international artists, both exhibited in London for the first time.

‘Silver-Tongued Seas’ reflects on the sea as a site where diasporas and bio-chemicals move across human and oceanic bodies, exploring the processes of trauma and healing that occur as a consequence of that movement. Through image, sound and immersive installation environments, both artists mine their personal histories and geographies to pinpoint sites of exchange and desire.

In ‘CROSSINGS’, a new sound installation commissioned by VISUAL Carlow, Maïa Nunes uses interviews with family, archive material and music to explore the myths surrounding the Bermuda triangle, looking at histories of slavery and migration in the Caribbean. This affective audio work sits alongside an installation of raw silk hand-dyed in indigo by the artist.

In ‘What Passes Between Us’, Pádraig Spillane presents a number of reimagined works centred around Cork Harbour, a major hub in the global pharmaceutical trade that manufactures products designed to manipulate the body, including Viagra. Using images printed on mesh and suspended from the ceiling, as well as an ethereal and industrial sound piece composed by Simon O’Connor with vocals by mezzo-soprano Michelle O’Rourke, these works locate the harbour as a site of embodied malleability.

‘Silver-Tongued Seas’ has been awarded funding by Culture Ireland, and is supported by VISUAL Carlow as part of the Speech Sounds programme, curated by Iarlaith Ni Fheorais.

For further information and images, please contact Rosa, Roisin and Iarlaith at

︎ Download a pdf of the publication, with essay by Roisin Agnew

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Decolonise Our Genitals | Episode 3: Ebun Sodipo & Peter Micthell

24th September 2021, 11am EST / 4pm GMT

For the third episode of Decolonise Our Genitals, Roisin Agnew and Iarlaith Ni Fheorais are joined by artist Ebun Sodipo, who will discuss her ongoing work with sheen, Black trans oral histories, and the tradition of African cosmology. They are also joined by Peter Mitchell, author of ‘Imperial Nostalgia: how the British conquered themselves’ who will discuss the impact of fantasies of empire on contemporary British politics today, while coining the phrase “colonial power-bottoming”.

Listen back on Montez Press here.


Decolonise Our Genitals | Episode 2: McKenzie Wark & Decolonising Contraception

28th May 2021, 11am EST / 4pm GMT

In the second episode of Decolonise Our Genials, Roisin and Iarlaith are joined by writer and scholar McKenzie Wark to discuss identity in a settler society, vulgarity, and putting language under pressure when it comes to gender and sex. They’ll also be talking to Edem Ntumy and Annabel Sowemimo of Decolonising Contraception about trauma and pleasure for people of colour in Britain.


Emma Wolf-Haugh | Libidinous Memorial Flag

4th May, 7pm BST | Art/ Work Association

On Tuesday 4th of May at 7pm, we were thrilled to have artist Emma Wolf-Haugh host a session for us in collaboration with Art/ Work Association. Emma shared their WIP video work Libidinous Memorial Flag and discussed their recent research into public spaces of non-reproductive sexual pleasure. This session was organised by curator and A/WA member Iarlaith MacPheorais, as part of a Liquid collaboration.

Emma has generously allowed us to share Libidinous Memorial Flag as a permanent fixture on our website.

Libidinous Memorial Flag is based on a zine of the same name, which you can download here.

Art/ Work Association is a peer forum for artists and creative workers that generates an ongoing programme of workshops, skills training and critical feedback sessions, conceived as a platform for artist-led learning.⁠⁠

Supported and hosted by Auto Italia, the forum is free to join and open to practitioners within five years of graduation from higher education. Members gain support through self-organised learning, critical dialogue and access to a proactive network of artists in London. ⁠⁠

⁠If you would like to join A/WA as a member or find out more, please get in touch by emailing


Decolonise Our Genitals | Episode 1: Britain’s New Great Low

26th March 2021, 11am EST / 4pm GMT

Due to absolutely no public demand, Roisin and Iarlaith have finally been given a radio show. Decolonise Our Genitals is a trashy bi-monthly chat show about desire, British men and cultural imperialism in sex, presented by Montez Press and Liquid.

Our first episode is an attempt to introduce the core ideas of the series, reflect on a new low for Britain, and talk absolute filth. We also rate British men 1-10, from Nigel Farage to Phil Lynott.

In future episodes, we will be joined by guests digging deeper into what decolonial practices might look like in sex and relationships. We are delighted that our first guest will be MacKenzie Wark, who’ll be joining us for our May show. 

This episode’s track is ‘Violet Gibson’ by Lisa O’Neill.

Liquid explores expressions of intimacy in the private and public realms, in our digital and offline lives.