Liquid Reading Group #1:
Carolyn Lazard, ‘Colostomy Fannypack’

Online event | 9th July, 7–8:30pm

We are delighted to announce the LIQUID READING GROUP, an iterative digital space to share and discuss a broad range of texts and practices exploring the body, sickness, desire, intimacy and collective liberation.

Open to everyone, the reading group will be held once a month on Zoom and run for about an hour. All texts will be either open source or supplied as PDF. This will be an accessible reading group, where you are free to take breaks and contribute in a way that is most comfortable for you. For the first session, the text also has an audio version included.

We will kick off with Carolyn Lazard’s ‘Colostomy Fannypack’, a autographical text on acrylic nails/colostomy bags (as prostheses), Crohn’s disease and being desired while sick. Session led by Daniel.

Please register your interest via email to obtain a Zoom link.

- Daniel

Liquid explores expressions of intimacy in the private and public realms, in our digital and offline lives.