Liquid Reading Group #2:
Danielle Carr, ‘The Bad Feature’

Online event | 13th August, 7–8:30pm

LIQUID READING GROUP is an iterative digital space to share and discuss a broad range of texts and practices exploring the body, sickness, desire, intimacy and collective liberation. For our next session, Rosa will lead a discussion of ‘The Bad Feature’, a text exploring ethics, the medicalisation of desire, the artifice of ‘natural’ beauty, neoliberalism, trans healthcare and bodily autonomy.

Written by the daughter of a plastic surgeon, this text looks at the merging of the beauty and medical industries under a privatised healthcare system. Read the text here. If you’d like to join us, please register by email for the Zoom details.

- Rosa

Liquid explores expressions of intimacy in the private and public realms, in our digital and offline lives.