Meet Me in the Marshes

Hackney Marshes, London | 1st August, 6pm BST

Meet Me in the Marshes will be a little reconnaissance and rendezvous with our friends and collaborators while the weather is hot and while we’re young.

Liquid will provide drinks and edibles inspired by wetlands and foraged from the toxic waste of the surrounding marshes, with performances and readings by BabetteD Mortimer, Foivos Dousos, Jacques Baumgartner and Riana Patel.

We’ll be meeting in the place known as ‘the Hackney beaches’ in the Hackney Marshes at 6pm on Saturday August 1st.

We will send everyone an exact pin drop on the WhatsApp group we’ve set up for the event. If you would like to attend the event please reply to this newsletter with your name and phone number.

Things that make a picnic pleasant to you. The weather forecast says it’ll be 23 degrees and partially sunny.

Considering the sickly times we’re living in, please bring facemasks and hand sanitiser and be conscious that some people may have differing levels of comfort and concern around Covid 19. Some may not want to be touched. This is a small outdoor event so we hope to mitigate the risk.

See you Saturday.

Roisin, Iarlaith & Rosa

Liquid explores expressions of intimacy in the private and public realms, in our digital and offline lives.