Warm Yourself By My Trash Fire, Vol. IX. Species of Spaces

by Roisin Agnew | 29th May 2020

This week we bring you Species of Spaces, a radio piece and meditation on bedrooms, lofi aesthetics, and the writing of Georges Perec. Through WhatsApp voice notes sent in lockdown and a long-distance collaboration on a track, writer Roisin Agnew, musician Severin Black, and violinist Vanessa Bedoret consider their isolation and how unforeseen and self-imposed restrictions affect their work and the spaces they inhabit.

This is a collaboration between Montez Press Radio and part of an on-going series that will culminate in a live performance. Thank you to Brian O’Toole for the help putting this together.

Species of Spaces was broadcast on Montez Press Radio at 11am New York time (4pm London time) on 29th May 2020.

Published as part of Warm Yourself By My Trash Fire (March – May 2020)

Liquid explores expressions of intimacy in the private and public realms, in our digital and offline lives.